The Watford Treasury: Volume One Out Now

Born through a desire to share memories, memorabilia, collections and recollections, The Watford Treasury is a publication aimed at all Watford supporters with even the slightest interest in the club’s history and heritage.

A genuine team effort, the publication is produced in collaboration with Watford Museum, and it features a vast and diverse range of articles, stories, images, photographs and art work.

Editor Colin Payne explains: “The project took off around the beginning of the year. Several of us who had been posting on the ‘Hornet History and Old Stuff’ Facebook page came together discussing how the wealth of fascinating memorabilia and images could be brought together to better share, in a more tangible way, with other supporters.

“Very early on the Watford Museum offered us full support, as did Watford Football Club, and what became an enthusiastic suggestion, has snowballed into a 100-page work of art!”

Among the topics covered in Volume One are an in-depth look at John Goodall; a personal recollection of the 1968/69 season, including some stunning photographs from the time; the day a horse show was held on the Vicarage Road turf; and literally dozens of other insights into what makes this football club so special.

Priced at just £5, this 100-page publication is available through Mail Order via thewatfordtreasury.co.uk; directly from Watford Museum or from the small army of sellers located along Vicarage Road on matchdays.