First Team 11/07/2018

Dahlberg: “I Have A Great Chance Here”

Swedish shot-stopper Pontus Dahlberg initially signed for the Golden Boys in January, but went back to IFK Göteborg on loan, before finally linking up with his teammates this summer.

Watch the young goalkeeper's first interview with the club via the Hornets' official YouTube channel, or read some key snippets, below.


“It feels very good to be here at a great club with great facilities. I have an opportunity to be a better player.

“I think many people in Sweden watch the Premier League a lot. It’s the best league in the world.

“After I signed I’ve been watching the games, they play really nice football and from what I’ve seen he fans seem to be really nice as well, and here at the stadium it's a nice place to play.

“It’s a great club and I’m looking forward to playing for them.”


“It’s been really good. They’ve been long days compared to back in Sweden.

“There’s been a lot of tests, a lot of training, but it feels great to be here and get started.

“Gomes and Foster have a lot of experience so it’s great to be training with them and to learn from them as well. I am positive about that.”


“It’s been really good for me to play these one-and-a-half seasons with IFK Goteborg, to get these matches in front of these full stadiums and to play senior football.

“I think it’s good for me as a person and as a football player to play these games.”


“I’ve always liked Ikea Casillas. He is now with FC Porto but when I started to look at him he was with Real Madrid.

“He is an amazing keeper, he has won the Champions League, the World Cup, everything you can win as a goalkeeper and a football player.

“He is the one I have been watching a lot when I was younger.”


“First of all I want to be a better player, and I think I have a great chance to do that here. The facilities and the staff here are amazing.

“There are so many guys to help you - from training in the gym, to the pitch.

“I want to be a better football player, then we’ll see after that.”

First Team 11/07/2018

My Footballing Hero: Troy Deeney

With England in action in the semi-finals of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, delved through the archives to find out which English striker Troy Deeney admires.

“I never really had a footballing hero when I was younger – I didn’t sit around too much and watch football – but the older you get, you start hearing certain names.

“I remember watching Ian Wright on ‘This Is Your Life’,” Deeney said. “The programme with the big red book. I watched it when I was about 13 or 14 and I remember thinking not only does he play football, but he’s similar to people around my area in terms of his background story.

“He was a hell of a finisher and I’m fortunate that I can call him a friend now. I can pick up the phone and I know he’ll answer. We don’t necessarily talk about footballing tips, more life skills. I never had an older figure to talk to, but he’s obviously been in the industry and he knows what it’s all about.

Ian Wright attended the Troy Deeney Foundation Golf Day in 2017

“He speaks well and we’re similar in terms of personality. We’re both opinionated and we’re not too scared to say what we think.” he told the club's matchday programme.

England face Croatia in the semi-finals tonight at 7pm.