News: Kick It Out Podcast Now Available

Watford Football Club are pleased to support Kick It Out and promote their new podcast ‘Kick It Outcast’.

Using their unrivalled contacts and access to all aspects of the game we love, the pod will showcase the huge breadth of the work they do, and have done over the last 25 years.

The first four episodes - which are out now - feature conversations with key people who run football on their hopes for inclusion and equality in the game. They talk to coaches, campaigners, organisers and ex-players.

They go behind-the-scenes with Education Manager Troy Townsend as he speaks to players at Liverpool’s academy, hear a debate about whether new media is showing the press the way forward on diversity, and there’s an introduction to the “Game Changers” – the next generation of people who are tipped to be future leaders in football. 

Presented and produced by the Kick It Out team, these programmes are a must-listen for anyone who cares about the future of football.

You can download and listen to the show via iTunes or Acast.

First Team 09/10/2018

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